Top 5 Requirements For Women to Live at The Women’s Retreat House

women getting help at retreat house

Women Must:

  1. Be detoxed and free and clean of drugs and alcohol for 72 hours.
  2. Check with  physician and staff on allowable Medications (NO narcotics)
  3. Be willing to be interviewed and follow all rules, schedule, attend meetings and perform household chores.
  4. Understand they will not be allowed to leave the retreat house in the first 30 days unless for a medical emergency.
  5. Willing to do the work and take the actions necessary to live a Recovery life.



Please call: 1-801-791-9084 for an interview appointment.  Please leave a message with your Name, Phone number, and personal info.  Retreat House number is 1-801-393-0344you can also leave a message requesting an interview.  Sometimes there is a short waiting list.  The sooner you call the sooner you will get an interview and enter the Retreat House.  Calling every day shows your willingness.   Please keep calling.